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Liz and Kathryn started their business to offer dependable conveyancing services, making property transactions stress-free.

Navigating the Conveyancing Landscape

Buying and selling a property can be one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make. You need to ensure you engage a professional that you can trust to look after your most valuable asset. At Mirror Image Conveyancing we will look after you every step of the way, providing detailed advice during this process. We will attend to all the legislative requirements throughout the process to ensure a smooth transaction to settlement.

A dependable conveyancing service you can rely on

At mirror image conveyancing we specialise in all areas of conveyancing. These include and are not limited to:
Conveyancing services
Sale and Purchase of all property
Deceased Estates
Transfer of Ownership due to deceased estates
Subdivisions and property Developments
Stamp Duty Refunds and First Home Owner Grant applications
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Buying a Property

We understand this can be an exciting time for prospective buyers, but also a time consuming and sometimes frustrating process. We are here to assist with making your purchase as smooth a transition as possible. Before signing your purchase Contract, we can review the document in its entirety, to ensure you are buying what you believe to be the same property, with no hidden surprises. We will also assist with the wording of any special conditions that you may require to be added to the Contract. Rest assured we will look after you every step of the way!

Selling a Property

Before formalising a sale, you are required to provide a prospective purchaser with a Section 32, also known as a Vendors Statement, which is the legal document that contains specific information regarding the property. This statement is attached to a Contract of Sale, which outlines details relating to the sale, such as the sale price and settlement terms. As a conveyancer, it is our job to look after this legal process for you, by preparing both the Contract and Vendors Statement. We will ensure these documents are prepared in a timely manner, as we don’t want you missing out on an opportunity to secure your buyer, due to the paperwork not being ready. We offer a prompt, thorough and professional service!
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In the era of electronic advancements, Mirror Image Conveyancing proudly leads the way in E-Conveyancing.
Terms like PEXA, Duties Online and electronic lodgements are all part of the new wave of conveyancing and property transactions.
Embrace the future with a Conveyancer committed to navigating the electronic agent seamlessly.

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