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Embark on a seamless journey through the complexities of property transactions with Mirror Image Conveyancing, a beacon of expertise in Victoria’s conveyancing landscape. With over 15 years of collective experience, our founders, Liz and Kathryn, fuse industry know-how with a background in real estate and retail customer service to offer an unparalleled conveyancing service. Contact us now and let’s start your conveyancing journey together.

About Mirror Image Conveyancing

With a collective experience exceeding 15 years, Mirror Image Conveyancing stands as a beacon of expertise in the conveyancing industry. Our founders, Liz and Kathryn, bring a unique blend of seasoned conveyancing knowledge and extensive backgrounds in real estate and customer service. They’ve built this business on the principles of efficiency, reliability and a commitment to delivering the kind of service we would expect ourselves.

Our People

Elizabeth Smith

Director & Licensed Conveyancer

Meet Liz, our Director with over 8 years in conveyancing and a rich background in hospitality and retail. Her strength lies in understanding client needs and ensuring your complete comprehension of your legal commitments. Liz, a fully Licensed Conveyancer, holds the necessary Professional Indemnity Insurance. Connect with Liz for a professional discussion about your conveyancing needs.

Our People

Kathryn Reitter

Director & Licensed Conveyancer

Kathryn, our Director, boasts 25 years in the Real Estate industry, specialising in conveyancing for the past 7 years. Whether you’re navigating the sale or purchase of your first home, managing an investment property or overseeing a land subdivision, Kathryn’s expertise ensures a memorable experience. Holding a full Conveyancing License and Professional Indemnity Insurance, Kathryn is ready to discuss your conveyancing requirements.

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