Property Conveyancing Services in Victoria

Navigating the intricate world of property transactions demands a trusted partner. At Mirror Image Conveyancing in Victoria, we understand the weight of decisions when buying or selling real estate. With meticulous attention, we guide you through every step, handling paperwork, searches and adjustments at settlement. Trust us to leave no stone unturned in safeguarding your asset.

Purchase and Sale of Property

When it comes to the significant decision of buying or selling property, Mirror Image Conveyancing provides professional and prompt solutions. Our expertise ensures a seamless analysis of your conveyancing needs, offering clarity and confidence throughout the process. Contact us today for a comprehensive approach to your property transactions.

Transfer of Property

For various reasons like relationship breakdowns, new partnerships or financial adjustments, altering names on the Title is a complex process. Mirror Image Conveyancing, experienced in Title transfers, is your reliable partner. From survivorship applications to legal representative changes, we navigate the intricacies, providing support during every step of the transfer process.

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Contract Preparation

Preparing for property sale involves meticulous legal paperwork. Mirror Image Conveyancing takes charge, ensuring compliance with the Sale of Land Act 1962. As your conveyancer, we meticulously handle the preparation of Contracts and Vendors Statements, ensuring a smooth and legally sound transaction.

Plans of Subdivision

Subdividing land requires a thorough understanding of the process. Mirror Image Conveyancing collaborates with surveyors and the Land Titles Office, facilitating a stress-free subdivision. If you’re planning or in the process of land subdivision, trust us to navigate the complexities and bring your plans to fruition.

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Contract Perusal

Signing a Contract of Sale binds you legally, emphasising the need for careful consideration. At Mirror Image Conveyancing, we offer a complimentary service to review Contracts and Vendors Statements before you commit. Ensure full awareness of the document you’re signing, with our expert guidance on special conditions and legal nuances.

Survivorship Applications

Dealing with the aftermath of property ownership changes due to death requires sensitivity and legal expertise. Mirror Image Conveyancing is well-versed in Survivorship Applications, guiding you through each step. Whether it’s a jointly owned property or a sole proprietorship, trust us to handle survivorship conveyancing with compassion and proficiency.

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